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Will We Be Ok ?

Updated: Feb 16

By Tanushi Singh

Do you love me

beneath my imperfections ?

Do you see me

beneath my frustrations ?

Do you want to know me

beyond my fury arising

amidst what stays buried within?

Will you stand by me

when I'm difficult

and not ready to calm down ?

Will you remind me to just breathe

when I'm losing self

whilst saving everything around me?

Will we be together through the disdain of

handling the chores roles whilst

trying to remember who we were and are

through it all ?

Will we stay each other's all ?

You and,

we'll get through it all

and still stay strong?

We will be ok I think,

What do you think?

Have been waiting to know

will we be ok ?

Not just today tomorrow

but till our last breath

You I and our morrows,.

By Tanushi Singh

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