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Why Don't You Tear The Sky And See Me Cry?

By Shaik Afroz

I was 6 years old,

You started with a flash and gave me a splash..

You are the tears of clouds and change my moods..

You touched me gently and drenched my heart with felicity..

You fought with sun,

and showed me that rainbows fun..

And I have grown up now,

People say he's after all a farmer,

May be that's why you stopped to patter..

Why don't you tear the sky?

And see me cry..

I thought you'll bless my field,

But my tears took your job & never got an yield..

The whole world eats my grain,

But don't even gifts a drain..

You are the only sight my eyes look at,

Why didn't you wet my field yet?

I often tell myself to be brave,

But this world will soon make me end up in the grave….

By Shaik Afroz

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