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Who Knows Me?

By Neha Prasad

Is it my pillow that heard all my cries?

Or is it the mirror who saw me every morning try?

Four walls of this tiny bathroom have listened to all my muffled screams,

The sole witness of my crashing dreams.

I look outside, my mind was in a complete haze,

Even this window is used to my sad and empty gaze

This pit of despair is dark and lonely,

Now my heart feels nothing, misery only.

These blank pages did their best, absorbing all my fears

All these suppressed emotions, I’m keeping in for years

The voices in my head are still screaming,

I want someone to wake me from this nightmare, and tell me you were dreaming.

I’m trying to hide,

This ripping pain deep inside;

Constantly fighting a never-ending war,

Even I don’t know myself anymore.

By Neha Prasad

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Rahul Prashad
Rahul Prashad
04 jun 2023
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The words become guides to the feelings that lie between the lines.

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