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Weighing Risks

Updated: Feb 22

By Nikhita Rao

I want to know,

What to do.

You say you love me,

But do I love you?

The wind sways me,

To and fro.

You decided to love me,

But what should I show?

I know I like you,

Like a friend.

I know I will love you,

Till the end.

But know that I,

Still don’t know.

If I will stay with you,

Or up and go.

How do I know,

That there is more,

To us and our story,

That wasn’t before?

We have come to a head,

And now I have to decide.

Will I give in, instead,

Of saying goodbye?

The joy in my heart,

Is it love’s embrace,

Or a platonic high,

On seeing your face?

Why is my heart unsure?

I wish I knew,

To stay as we are,

Or to be with you.

And now I start,

To think deep.

What is our love?

What do we keep?

What is this love,

Is it all the fun we had,

Or is it the thrill,

Of more that we could grasp?

And as the wind,

Sways me to and fro,

I know not which way,

I will eventually go.

But know, my friend,

I have always loved you,

Even if my fears,

Come in between us two.

By Nikhita Rao

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08 ene

I can relate to your words so much! Beautifully expressed~

Me gusta

Ankita Ojha
Ankita Ojha
19 sept 2023
Obtuvo 5 de 5 estrellas.

I sense the confusion, the fear and the love. Reminded me of a similar time! Thank you for this walk down the lane Nikhita Rao! :)

Me gusta

Elizabeth Mathai
Elizabeth Mathai
14 sept 2023
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If only we had the courage to pull our walls down and give love another chance! Beautifully penned!

Me gusta

Varun Singh
Varun Singh
14 sept 2023
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Fab lines

Me gusta

Prava Patra
Prava Patra
14 sept 2023
Obtuvo 5 de 5 estrellas.

Really nice poem! Loved reading it.

Me gusta
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