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The Sweet Waterfall

By Harmeet Kaur

The silver birds flying against a starry night sky,

Sitting beneath the tree, I wonder why.

Why did God make a person so divine?

To safeguard me like a shield; come rain or shine.

The most exquisite flower of paradise,

And one who never fails to mesmerize.

An angel who sends the evils to a far-off shore,

From where they are driven to the death's door.

A seraphic blessing in disguise,

Always carrying the gleaming stars in her eyes.

Sheltering you amidst your foes,

The sweet waterfall of love that heaven alone knows.

She is the saccharine in the bitterness of life,

She senses the unseen scars of scuffle and strife.

The treasure of a mother's prayers never ends,

And so does my undying love that I have penned.

By Harmeet Kaur

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