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The Shocking Old Man Part 1

Updated: Feb 7

By Daniel Joshua

It was 31rst October, during dark and stormy night, the neighborhood gleamed in black as the rains poured down hell. Kid looking out the window in sadness. It was supposed to be a day of sweets and costumes but it turned out to be a total flop. Every house had its lights on, only 1 house at the end of the street matched the same color as the sky. It was Old man Fenris, a poor man who lived in a huge black mansion all alone because his wife was no more. Rumors say that Old man Fenris never smiled once after his wife's death. No one went near his house, not even the adults. The only thing which can be seen going in and out of that house are Old Man Fenris’s Crows. In the Lawson House, Mr and Mrs Lawson were busy doing their own work but Gabe and Malcolm were really bored so they took their flashlights, rain coats, and a few snacks and headed towards Old Man Fenris’s House looking for some fun.

They jumped over the gate and tiptoed to the door, Gabe gave it a small push and the door creaked open. No lights, no tables, no people, just one huge chandelier hanging from the ceiling and a dusty piano. As they entered the House the door behind them shut close with a loud bang frightening the young boys. As they oned their flashlights and took a few steps, the piano started playing but no one was there to play it yet sound came out of it. The boys let out a scream alarming the crows to charge at them. They ran and ran until they found a door and they entered the door. As the went in the room and closed the door. They saw a bunch of dirty coffins laying on the floor with all of them opened. The boys followed the trail of coffins which lead to a huge chair, written on it were the following words in bold “ THE FALLEN ARCHANGEL FENERIOUS ''. 

What happens to the boys, Who truly is Old Man Fenris and what are his intentions. Find out in the next story.

By Daniel Joshua

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