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The Recruit part 2, The Recruit part 3 and Part 4 - The Legacy

By Shashaank.C.S

Part 2 : Dan returns to earth on which is in chaos post his encounter with the aliens. Conspiracy theory,riots and protests go wild globally. He is arrested and interrogated. He is the bailed out by his lawyer and returns to his normal life for a few days. He converts the hideout of the recruits into his personal lab. There he spends time constantly experimenting on himself and enhancing his abilities to counter any future alien threats. His peers are taken aback by his personality change. Meanwhile in space an universe wide war is about to be waged to take over the universe. Several civilizations have allied with each other, planning to betray their allies when the time comes. The secretary of the galactic council pleads for Dan's help to stop this. To convince Dan he reminds Dan of Earth's vulnerability and risk of it being destroyed in the crossfire. Dan, being left with no choice, accepts to help. This is an adventure where Dan cheats death several times and orchestrates a complex chain of events to stop the war and save earth, albeit losing everything and everyone close to him.

Part 3 : Dan is unofficially the ruler of earth. He spends his time rebuilding earth and aims to make earth the most powerful empire in the universe. He also establishes diplomatic relations with other space empires with the help of the former secretary of the galactic council. To make earth powerful he secretly smuggles technology and weapons from Rodana's ruins and hid them in his lab, waiting for the right time to introduce them to the world. In space Zharlan's ideology has influenced several people. They form a cult and vow to fulfill Zharlan's plan. They also vow to kill Dan to avenge Zharlan. In the end they nearly succeed but Dan interferes in the last moment and sacrifices himself to save the universe, taking out all of the cult with him. The former secretary of the galactic council then discovers his secret lab and watches the recording left behind by Dan on when to introduce the technology to the world.

Part 4 : The year in 25625 AD. Earth is now one of the most powerful empires in the universe. Humans have built a 1000 feet statue of Dan in the capital. His house is converted into a museum and a memorial is built near it. Earth is pulled into a war with B-472, an equally powerful empire led by the tyrannical monarch Zakon. It starts with a series of proxy wars and ideological wars which culminates into a full fledged war between Earth and B-472 and their allies. This victor of this war becomes the most powerful empire in the universe. It ends with Earth's victory in a closely contested war. The victorious troops arrive on earth and assemble in front of Dan's statue. The victory in this war makes Earth the most powerful empire in the universe, thus fulfilling Dan's quest.


By Shashaank.C.S

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