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The Rant

By Fathima

So ..she was crying. Because they cried. N they pity u. N don't know how fat or thin u r. Not denying it's love. But its not the love that would help u grow and escape the chains he set on u. It's the kind of love that's calling to set you up for a fall. Run from that love. Turn your back to those tears. Yours is the story of a girl, who is trying to outrun a past she seems as abusive. Ur tears are for that. Hers is the story of a mother, whose daughter ran away because she was somehow deluded. Her tears are for that. If both of your tears can meet half way, well and good. But its not yet the time. And even if the time never arrives, or u r too late, no matter. None of it is on you. You are just trying to live , the best way you know how. U r trying to protect your heart because no-one ever did , and you had to step up. What's wrong with that. Tell me what's wrong. Nobody needs to understand. No-one needs to know. U know. U understand. That is more than enough for now. I'm proud of you; the stench and all.

By Fathima

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