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The Prodigal Hope

Updated: Sep 20

By Krithika Ramamoorthy

Despair, prevailing in the invigorating breeze

Rendering a vigorous morning infelicitous

Despondency, lingering in the rejuvenating sunrise

Disabling one to bask in the golden rays with delight

Swishing all hope down a whirlpool of melancholy

Turning a ripple of sombre thought into a deplorable mickle wave

Making the mind wonder,

Will there be a nimbus of exhilaration again?

Just then, a pristine white lotus ambles in perspective

Burgeoning blithely amidst mire

Insouciant about the surrounding slime

Aesthetically immaculate, impervious to tenebrosity

Inspiring one to cherish the roses instead of thorns in life

Instilling hope and jocundity amidst quandary.

By Krithika Ramamoorthy

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