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The Faith Street

By Atul Kumar Saurabh

After a long and difficult walk on the crowdy path of "Happiness Pursuit", I decide to quit. Appearing baseless, goalless, clueless, sick of over promising and under delivering nature of this world I decide to diverge. I wonder what gives one hope to roam like a clueless wretch, indeed we have been blinded. So wide awake making sand castles on the beach shore for momentarily hope of shelter.

There is a pull which takes me far away from real me, leaving me a puppet driven by the world. At the end of the day, my eyes closed, was that me who lived throughout the day. Everyone seems to be moving about like machines, following clock mechanically exchanging selfish emotions. What is the fate of such advancement creating emptiness in the heart of humans, all that has been taught is not real. I know nothing of what is happening around, I know nothing of myself, I rise up and lean over the window. See down, children playing,

absorbed in the game they forget of their role as a student. Ah! absorbed in this world have I forgotten my real self? I look above, someone's watching me engaged in this game too? Being in higher reality, above the plane of reality in which children are, I try to figure out. Who is above the plane in which I am living? Not anyone I have met yet, do they exist. Heard of sages, where can I find one who is aloof and can tell me what game is this and why I have been given this role, who am I apart from this role?

All knowledge yet has been only playing a better game, win for some loss for some, no win-win? Doesn't seem to be fair. All conclusions seem to be arisen from faith, faith that someday I will win the game. Blinded by this faith, I have accepted all that came in the way. Not any more, again sent to the faith street to choose, which faith seems to bring a win? There a sage sitting with a peaceful countenance seems to have nothing yet everything, deals with matters not of this world? Has very few to none buyers. As I move towards the sage, there is a pull away, but I persevered this time to see the world anew and take a new birth.

By Atul Kumar Saurabh

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Prakash Ravella
Prakash Ravella
May 23, 2023
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