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The Days That Approach

Updated: Jan 27

By Vedansh Mahajan

With the passage of time

As days and nights intertwine

With the fresh scent of a lime

I sense the days that approach

I see the days of peace 

Coming with the change of breeze

The trees jiggle with joy 

Like a sweet, little boy 

The sky lives up to its name 

Like the color blue of a flame 

And if rain ever came,

The children star their own games 

The constellations shone bright 

At the peak of the night 

As they smiled at the sight 

Of people waving their way

(My body feels light 

As I take in the air 

My mind becomes free 

As I dwell in the light)

On the brink of horizon 

I wait for their arrival

I have hope in my eyes 

And a hint of a smile

By Vedansh Mahajan

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