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By G.Bhargava Phani Krishna

I was waiting near the cash counter like a dead volcano, waiting for the spark, that ignited and fired me once long way back, long long way back.

As i was waiting for the spark that could lit me deep inside, i was struggling to shine bright all the way through my life, way way through my life.

And the lady from the gym passed besides me in all black outfit with dark skin and I could sense the spark she could lit deep down in my heart, deep deep down in my heart.

I realised my intuition is right and couldn't ignore the spark that could lit me for life and i tried to follow the spark all the way back, all all the way back.

And yes i lost the spark in traffic to my disappointment and roamed all around to find my spark again, before it is lost out of sight, lost lost out of sight.

My luck for the day ain't good, and i couldn't use the chance when I could, and still searching for the spark that I was craving in my life, craving craving in my life.

The thoughts of the spark hitting me again and again and i couldn't help myself and wana call it a day for missing my chance of a lifetime, missing missing my chance of a lifetime.

I went the next day hoping to find the spark again, and waited all night, but to my disappointment, i was left in despair, left left in despair.

By G.Bhargava Phani Krishna

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