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The Country Once Great

By Rajendra Galagali

India got the independence on August 15th 1947 after being ruled by Britishers for more than 150 years and in 1950 we declared ourselves to be the citizens of democratic nation with Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru being the prime minister and Mr. Babu Rajendra Prasad being the first president of this new independent and democratic nation.

We all are aware of the fact that there are thousands and lakhs of people who sacrificed their lives for the independence of our nation.

The nation where every single citizen should be getting every single facility which they dreamt of, but the bitter truth is that we are not living the lives which they had dreamt for us and also if we observe our pathway of development, we will just see us battling the same problems with different terminologies and generations.

From 1950 many governments formed and fell but the problems never fed out, they are just growing taller and bigger everyday irrespective of the plans or policies planned by the government and executed in the best of the manner this is because of the nature of everyone in this nation.

We don’t have any problem with illiteracy, child marriage, child labour, harassment of famers, increasing danger for women and many more because these are not the problems which we are facing these are something which we are aware of and not in the count of harm happening by it. Though we are having thousands of problems like these we call ourselves to be the citizen of the best and the greatest country ever because we have big placard named culture and tradition.

Yes, it is true that we were the greatest country but if you ask me now, my answer will absolutely be 'no'. We do not belong to the greatest country but we have that potential to be one and be the topper of that list. We protect ourselves by the Shell named tradition and culture. The shell which is protecting us from thousands of years but now we do not know how to use that shell for our development. We are disabling ourselves by living in this shell or by not knowing how to go forward along with it.

We were the greatest because our ancestors knew how to use that shell for the betterment of the nation but we are unaware of that side of tradition and culture. That's the reason why we are not driven forward with the expected speed. Always the truth should be expected in front of the world. Except the development in technological aspects, there's not much to adopt from West. The country once known for its sages, should always continue living following their thoughts. If this happens, then there will be no one to compete with our success and we'll achieve the thing what we were meant for.

By Rajendra Galagali

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