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The Confession

By Ibtisam Hussain

Yeah, hold me up- for now is time

This never was supposed to be, but it turned out to be a crime

It was an innocent feeling before it took its curve

Now it has a little pint of what we call- love

Still it’s just a beginning before i call you mine

Please, hold me back-for now is time.

For once if I’ll fall

It will be hard for a call

For I know I’ll be the only one falling

And since now I did

I have no idea how the things got rolling

Yes I am to blame for I fell for the devil

Yet he’s been called innocent and me- the evil

For make this love rhyme

I need to confess- for now is time.

I never could, but now he does

Yes, he is confessing and I want to hear him woo.

But alas! We are no longer to be bound

As I disturbingly lay in the ground

Oh god please send me back- for now is time

For all my life I waited for this- to call him mine.

By Ibtisam Hussain

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