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The Chirpy Happy Family

By Jashvi Vj

There was a squirrel named Squeaky.

He lived on a giant tree with his family.

They were a happy family of four. But one day, some Whoman cut the tree they lived in. That was sad. They didn’t have a home now.

So they went to look for a new home.

They kept looking and looking, going from tree to tree, every day.

Finally they found a perfect tree. They loved it.

On the same day, Squeaky found a Whoman family looking to adopt a squirrel family.

He found a Squirrel Nest Box lying on their huge windowsill. It looked cute, cozy, and big enough to hold four. Squeaky was really hungry. When he went to check the Nest Box out, he found four bowls of nuts placed outside.

Squeaky was happy. So he chirpy-chirped to his family to say he found them a perfect home. When his family reached the place, they were very excited. Now that they found a new home, they lived a happy life thereafter.

The End!

By Jashvi Vj

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Amit Singh
Amit Singh
Jan 26, 2023

Nice One this👍

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