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By Shruti Mehta

The afternoon sunlight made

The dust specs dance in the air

Nothing beats the beauty

Of the usual golden Thursdays

And the mundane Monday mornings

You make simplicity a feast

Laughter and love that filled the room like air

Rose coloured glasses to bear

Ghastly grey skies anywhere

The city spits me out every third month

And then I crawl to her like a lost child

I have beds that I can’t call my own

And no building bears my name

But I still find spaces I can fit in

Gaps that call me

And if I’m being honest, I miss nothing

And maybe it’s because I never had

The jasmine smell, the wind pulling the leaves

And cooling my face

The clouds swimming in a lavender haze

Or maybe it’s just you

Yesterday was tough, last week too

Nothing can change that

The sun commanded her clouds

To drench me with acid

The moon pulled back her stars

And life spit me out like rotten fruit

But I still remember how you

Created in me a laugh that rumbled through

Despite the body beaten blue

Despite the bridges burnt black

And that makes all the difference

By Shruti Mehta

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Unknown member
May 20, 2023

beautifully penned! Absolutely loved it.


Unknown member
May 20, 2023

Heart touching

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