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By Divya Viswanath

It was one of those moments of sheer solitude. My family was away for a short while. Twinkling stars merged into the grey clouds complaining about lack of attention, my room filled with our giggles, laughter, dreams, and affection curls down slowly into the lonely night, and the living room gives a big sigh …. That’s when I decided to take a stroll.

As I step out, the tree branches are swaying. A thin frail being shoots up from nowhere oblique to where I stand. Since it’s slightly deserted I stop for a second to look around but I continue.

As I walk along I realize someone is following me. I mustered up some courage to turn back and check. What I see is my own SHADOW.

Smiling at my own silly fear, I shrugged and happily moved away.

Cruising on, I notice that my shadow walks with me, blindly following me. I take a moment and it stops too. Never seen something "so detached yet so attached" portraying such allegiance. I was bewildered and stunned at the metaphoric significance of this alter being of mine.

It has been a part of me, an extension of me throughout till date. The one who was by my side at my lowest and stood tall with me during my highs.

I now come to realize it has embraced me in my happiness and empathized with me in my miseries. It’s been a loyal companion and has been with me through the storm and breeze and today I acknowledge and express my gratitude for being there, and I am sure will show up like you always do.

By Divya Viswanath

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