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By Niharika Parmar

YOU, the sun on my cold palms,

leaves warmth and soothing alms.

Carefree like the dancing dust specks,

the tickling kiss of a breeze on the neck.

That plays and leaves with a caress on the locks,

alluring whispers of the late-night walks.

A healing embrace of a comforting phrase,

innocent smile of a giggle-filled chase.

Fleeting moments of a precious dew,

panorama of memories, old and new.

The toothless smile on wrinkled lips,

nervous breaths during first kiss.

The solace in a warm cup of tea,

the childlike wonder at the first glimpse of sea.

This I see and so much more in you,

You cleared my paths and dreams, askew.

Gave meaning to those wandering thoughts,

became hope and home for a soul lost.

By Niharika Parmar

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