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Updated: Sep 21


Sometimes it is of years,

Just like a mother with a child she rears,

For ages without casualties and mistakes,

That too not for her own sake ,

But for her child's life at her life's stake

Sometimes it is of family,

When one has to choose between a constant phase of toil and a time filled with fun faces smiling happily

Sometimes it is of blood and sweat,

That takes away one's all health,

Like a thief with a pace of stealth,

It makes one rich in silence and peace,

And not in materialistic wealth

Sometimes it is of emotions,

When more than emotions vocal are actions,

When a master hits a student with sentiments all hidden ,

To inculcate discipline and decisions that are self driven

Then comes a life of a student,

With an honest inner self who is taught not to be selfish but to be prudent,

Attacks of anxiety ,

Still the pressure of showing creativity,

No one to stop negative thoughts,their longevity

Such haunts of several years justified either by the results of merit or results of excellence,

Sacrifices make one a man of substance,

Enhance the dignity of life with meaningful sustenance!


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