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Quarantine To Meet Your Valentine

By Ashitha Azeez

Being Alone is Better

Yes, it is little Bitter

Nevermind around scorn

Be busy with your adorn

And you need to ready

Not for a tragedy

But for a travel

Make it a marvel

At the day which

Your Quarantine starts

All the persons you know

Talks on what you grow

At the day which

Your Quarantine starts

You see the sky

From six feets under the mud

At the day which

Your Quarantine starts

All the good deeds light your grave And all the bad deeds hit you in wave

This Quarantine is sure for everyone And it's name is "Death"

Its need for the day you meet your Master Don't make it as disaster

So let me advice you-

"Pure your soul

Care you whole

To meet your Love

For whom you wait when Alive!"

By Ashitha Azeez

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