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By Kenlumzailie Michui

I can almost taste her mouth at 2 a.m as her breath starts getting uneven and her fisted hands start getting cramps. She'll try to sidetrack her thoughts because it'll not only be loud, it'll start affecting her whole being. She'll sweat one minute and the next she'll start shivering, she'll close her eyes then and everything comes flashing back – the sounds and scenes of a wake : the constant wailing sound of her mother, the echoes of the church youth singing the hymns, the faces her siblings made of utter disbelief and denial, but mostly the face she saw last, how peaceful they appeared and how utterly brutal that felt. Then she'll try to open her eyes but it wouldn't because she can only hear her muffled sobs and she

wouldn't dare to let anyone see her like that, she'll shut her eyes harder and hope no one sees her. She'll start tasting bitterness in her mouth, then sour and then she'll taste blood. She'll open her eyes then try to get herself back, she'll see particularly one to two figures but it'll be so blurry. She'll get physically burnt out and fall asleep at 5 a.m, she'll wake at 7 a.m and think "huh! I thought I would never see you guys again". She'll start getting tired easily, constantly waking up after every hour of sleep, not sleeping at all or sleeping way too much, she'll kill every inspiration she ever had, death will always be in her mind, start despising festive seasons, constantly in fear of something and breathing will feel like a conscious task. She'll probably start finding everything hilarious and comical at one point.

I beg and pray this precognition is fallacious.

By Kenlumzailie Michui

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