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not a burden

By Prakriti

mirror, mirror on the wall,

tell me should i walk or crawl?

if crawling my way to freedom

is the only way out,

let me choose it without a doubt!

to fly is a dream, unreal,

to run is hard for "them" to bear,

walking seems to be the wrong gear,

crawling is the only way out of here.

bruised knees,scars on my body,tearful

eyes,is not what fear.

being dead while breathing the same air,

thoughts unspoken, screams unheard.

wearing the mask of disguise,

feet tied,hand cuffed.-

im unable to rise.

"oh men so wise,

cant you hear my cries?"

mirror, mirror on the wall,

why the judging eyes, staring at me across

the hall?

want to be seen,but not with this vision,

eyes with respect and acceptance,

not with cruel dominance.

said to be godly figures,

soul pure as gold,heart so bold?.

you treat us like an item of choice,oh what


"they're meant to be of your service. "

Is that what you've been told?

mirror,mirror on the wall,

burden is what i've been called?

'congratulations its a boy"

sweets and chocolates,wide smiles

and blessings are given..

men so blissful,

every mistake is forgiven.

"it’s a girl"

*silence with shocked, despair eyes*

"it’s a girl?are you sure? Wait..what?"

"what sins have i done to see this day?

not a girl…a 'liability' is what she is,

dear wife ,you'Il have to pay.


no father, no.

being your daughter makes me proud,

let me stand up,

dont burry me for the crowd.

I'Il prove to you,of how strong i can be,

right in front of your eyes,

existing yet,let my live.

don’t walk away, widen your eyes father,

and see.

'congratulations ,you have a daughter"

By Prakriti

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