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Missing You

By C Pallavi Reddy

I miss you.I miss the way things were between us. I miss your voice, I miss listening to your routine .I miss how my nights were ending with a good night message from you. I was at my happiest when I am with you. Sometimes it hurts to know that we are not talking,but in my mind i always talk to you.You are the person with whom I want to share all the details of my life. I don't want to move on with my life knowing you are not going to be there in it. Even if this hurts,

i feel like i regret moving away from you. Maybe i like missing you and i want to feel you even when we are not together. Your favourite songs are still my favourite.Your pictures still make me smile but i miss seeing the reactions on your face. I look at the moon wishing you are seeing the moon too. I started to admire your existence on this world. I learned to love you from a distance and i don't know when my love will be over for you.

By C Pallavi Reddy

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