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Living A Life With Purpose

By Stephen Mascarenhas

I don't know when my time will end,

I'll live a life that I can defend.

I don't know when my time will come,

So I'll live my life, not feeling glum.

Happiness, spreading goodness are my only aim,

Love, devotion and friendship, fuel my flame.

I am so happy, I am so full of glee,

Cos I have friends a family who stand by me.

My family's love is all I need,

Along with my lover's heart to feed.

I enjoy every moment of my life, every day,

Knowing all I have is God's to take away.

My friends may be few, but they're true,

And my family I know will always come through.

Love is the central anchor of my soul,

Guiding me always to be kind and whole.

Everything I have is a gift a talent from above,

It's up to me to put to good use and share my love.

When I finally depart, I'll take nothing with me,

So all I want now, is to give back to life, abundantly.

For it's not how long we will live that counts,

It is but the impact we make, on every account.

Life is a presious gift, a treasure to behold,

So let's make it shine, and let love unfold.

So let us live our lives with absolute grace,

And make the world an awesomely beautiful place.

For when our time on earth is eventually done,

Let us all leave a legacy, that will never be undone.

By Stephen Mascarenhas

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