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Lier In Love

Updated: Feb 14

By Bithika Das

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Arushi Khanna- A young charming girl with beautiful eyes and smile, medium height runs a cosmetics business in India by the name of  “Fantasize Beauty Pvt. Ltd.” was in a National award ceremony, where Arushi Khanna was honoured for the third time as the National Best Young Industrialist, Mr. Mahesh Singhania, who came in second, was envious of Arushi Khanna. Arushi was overjoyed when she received this award for the third year in a row. In her thank you speech, she expresses gratitude to everyone.

Except  Mr. Mahesh, everyone at the ceremony congratulated Arushi. She returns home after the party is ended. When she returns to her office the next morning, everyone congratulates her, and she adds, "We were only able to achieve this level because of you people and shown gratitude to everyone," and she goes to her cabin.

Two days later, a young man formally dressed, named "Aditya Sharma" came into the office for an interview. He has a fascinate personality. After learning about the candidate, Arushi said to bring him in. Even after being impressed by Aditya's demeanour, Arushi reacts normally when he enters Arushi's cabin. Arushi looked over his credentials and asked him questions about his family, schooling, and work experience. Aditya responds that he comes from a lower middle-class family who worked hard for his schooling and now he wants to assist his family; if he is chosen, this will be his first job.

The interview was going well, but she had a strange feeling about the situation. She was thinking to herself that if this guy is dressed nicely and well groomed, how can he be from a lower middle class family and why is he lying about his background? Arushi informs Aditya that she presently has no job opportunities in her company. They'll call him when they have a suitable opportunity.

However, Aditya begins to make work requests to Arushi. He stated that because his father is currently ill, he must assist his family and that he is open to any chance in the organisation. As you have requested, Arushi states that I have one opportunity for you. As a peon, you are welcome to join our firm. Aditya is taken aback because he had not expected such a thing, but he relaxes and accepts the offer, asking when he can join.

If you are comfortable you can start from today, Arushi replied. Arushi dials a number and requests a briefing on the role and responsibilities. Thank you for the opportunity, Aditya says as he exits the room. Arushi is still complexed  to Aditya's secret motivation for performing this task. She contacts her company's detective and requests that he look into Aditya's background and keep her informed.

Aditya is keeping himself occupied by providing Tea and Coffee to his coworkers. He notices another peon who is going to Arushi's cabin to give her snacks and beverages. Aditya comes close to him and ask that he can serve those to Arushi ma’am, Peon agrees. Aditya enters Arushi’s room and serves her the snacks, thanking her for giving him job opportunity in her company.

Meanwhile, she receives a call from the company detective, who informs her that what Aditya has told her is correct. Arushi hangs up the phone, suspecting that she is over thinking Aditya. Arushi asked if he knows how to drive. Yes, Aditya replied.

Arushi informs him that he is now also her driver, and that he would be paid extra if he drives her back to her home in the evening. Aditya accepts the offer and returns to his work.

When office hours are finished, Arushi sits in the rear seat of the car and instructs Aditya to drive.  attacked them as soon as Aditya started the car. Aditya says, "Don't worry ma’am, I'll take care of it," and gets out of the car to fight  in order to impress Arushi.

However, things went awry, and Aditya was brutally injured while battling. Arushi came out of the car and began to fight with the . Aditya was taken aback when he saw her fighting with those thugs. He appears to be watching a movie. Arushi inquired the last goon whether he wanted to accompany the others to the hospital or sleep with them. Goon flees from the scene. She now approaches Aditya and inquires, "Are you all right?" And you'll be able to drive?

Aditya was in excruciating pain, yet he responded, "Yes ma’am, I can drive." Then come and drive me to my home, Arushi says. Aditya thinks to himself, "How cruel she is, she can't see that I'm hurt." She gave me a low-profile peon job first, then a driving job, and now she wants me to drive her to her home as well. What happened, Arushi asks, what are you thinking? Hurry up, we're running out of time.

Aditya begins driving, although he is unable to do it. Stop the car today, Arushi says; my destination is my home, not heaven. Arushi emerges and asks Aditya to choose a different seat, after which she drives her car and asks Aditya, "Where is your home?"Aditya responds that he is new to town and needs to find a PG or rent a room. Arushi brings him to her home and asks her servant to open the guest room and take care of him. She then went to her room. Meanwhile, Arushi's mother approaches Aditya and inquires about what happened and how he became injured. Aditya tells her the whole tale of how gangsters assaulted them and injured him, and how Arushi fought them and saved him.

Arushi's mother became alarmed and hurried into her room, asking if she was okay and scolding her for engaging in a fight. If she's been harmed in any way. Meanwhile, the servant take Aditya to the guest room, where he is given medicine, and clothing to change into. Relax, mom, I'm alright, don't worry, says Arushi. Please cook something good for dinner and please take care of Aditya as well. And also call a doctor if necessary. Her mother says, "OK, I'll take care of him; you take rest."

After sometime, her mother calls her to come downstairs since dinner is ready, and she instructs the servant to call Aditya as well. Aditya greets Arushi's father as he comes out for dinner. Arushi's father and Aditya begin discussing their backgrounds, and Arushi's mother begins serving dinner to everyone.

Aditya observed Arushi walking down the stairs and couldn't take his gaze away from her since she seemed like a cheerful girl with glowing complexion. She enters the dining room, greets and embraces her father, then takes her seat and inquires about the dinner menu. I'm hungry, so please serve me quickly. Arushi asks Aditya how he is feeling now as Mom serves her.

I'm feeling much better now, Aditya responds. Arushi responds, "Good," and advises her to arrive at the office on time the next day. Once everyone has their food, they all went to their rooms for sleep. Aditya comes out of  his room in the middle of the night to get some water and notices Arushi working and eating noodles and juice. Aditya approaches Arushi and inquires about why she is awake. Yes, some work was pending, and I was also hungry, which is why I'm here, says Arushi. Aditya is now being questioned about why he is awake. I only came here for a drink of water, he says.

Arushi offered him noodles. Aditya accepts Arushi's offer. Aditya and Arushi share some noodles and have a few small talks and laughs together.  Then Aditya went to his room. Aditya falls asleep after a while. Arushi stayed there and finished her task; after that, she slept in the dining area. She awoke in the morning and got ready for office. Servants provided Aditya some new clothes, and Aditya also got ready for office as well.

Aditya drives the car, and they both arrived at work. Aditya later brings breakfast to Arushi's cabin. Arushi inquired if Aditya had eaten anything as well. You are welcome to share with me, Arushi said! And they both ate breakfast together. Later on, they were both occupied with their jobs. He assists other employees in accomplishing their tasks while conducting his own so that he can demonstrate his abilities and be promoted.

His pleasant nature attracts the attention of the office's young female personnel. Arushi notices all of this and feels uneasy, but she ignores it and gets back to work. Aditya enjoys attracting the attention of female coworkers. But he can't stop thinking about Arushi.

Arushi and Prajakta (her PA) was prepared for a client meeting. Mr. Siddharth  Singh (Assistant of  Mr.Varun ) arrived for a meeting in the afternoon around 2:30 PM, Prajakta went to greet him personally because this project is crucial to the company. Prajakta takes him into the meeting room and orders tea or coffee for Siddharth. Because Prajakta was young and attractive, Siddharth became enamored with her and began to enjoy her company as well as ask personal inquiries.

Prajakta was feeling a little uneasy and said, Sir! you wait here  for a while I call Arushi ma’am, and then we can begin meeting. Meanwhile, Arushi was watching everything on CCTV. Siddharth tries to stop Prajakta from leaving the room by grabbing her hand and misbehaving with her. Meanwhile, Arushi enters the room and inquires as to what is going on. Prajakta dashes over to Arushi.

Siddharth began to accuse Prajakta of attempting to seduce him in order to complete the deal. Arushi confronted Siddharth and slapped him, saying, "I witnessed everything on camera and don't want you to lie." Shame on you, Siddharth; I consented to marry you because I thought you were a wonderful human being. But it's all over now, and the deal is also off. You have the option to depart.

Siddharth regrets his error and apologize to Arushi. And he begs not to cancel the deal because if this happened, he will lose his job. Arushi, on the other hand, does not listen to him and instead calls security and orders them to be take away. Siddharth, on the other hand, was enraged because Arushi had insulted him in front of everyone and had also abandoned the marriage arrangement. And now he wouldn't be able to carry out his nefarious scheme. Arushi inquired after Siddharth had departed if Prajakta was okay. Prajakta responds, "I'm fine ma’am," but "our contract and your marriage have both been shattered as a result of me." Stop blaming yourself for this; it was his fault, and don't worry about the deal; we'll work it out. Now it's time to get back to work, Arushi replied!

Arushi sent the CCTV film to Mr. Varun Mehra (CEO of ‘Tech Mate Creations Pvt. Ltd.’), Siddharth's company's CEO, and called him to tell him the whole scenario. Varun regrets his employee behaviour and apologies to Arushi. And then seal the deal over the phone. Varun greeted Siddharth when he arrived at the office and handed him a termination letter. Siddharth tries to explain, but Varun was not interested in hearing him out, and Siddharth loses his job. After returning home in the evening, Arushi told her family about the situation and asked her father to speak with Siddharth's family and cancel the marriage plans. And it was here that Aditya learned of her relationship with Siddharth. He was a little envious, but he was also relieved that she was not marrying him.

After a few days, Arushi called all board of directors and informs them that there is a project in London that they must seize. They must make a presentation next week, and whomever gives the best presentation will lead the project and attend the London conference. Everyone becomes enthralled and begins working with zeal.

Every member of the Board of Directors began drafting a presentation with their team, while Arushi began collecting data from previous work patterns. Arushi works at midnight as part of her regular routine, and Aditya assists her in preparing a presentation. While working together, they became very good friends and began working together to complete the presentation, and they began to enjoy each other's company. They go to work early and leave late, and they work together at home as well.

All members of the board of directors were prepared with their final presentations on the day of presenting presentation. Mr. Banerjee (a member of the BOD) invited Neha (a member of his team) to give the presentation she had prepared in front of everyone.

And he informed her that he's giving her this chance and that he hopes she's ready. Neha was overjoyed because she understands that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Mr. Banerjee was thanked, and Neha went to set up the presentation, and found that she had forgotten to bring the presentation pen drive, which included all of the information.

She didn't tell anyone about it, though, because she didn't want to miss out on this opportunity. Neha noticed Aditya working on a laptop while she was thinking of a solution. She enquired, What are you up to, exactly? Aditya didn't respond, instead completing the presentation's finishing touches. Aditya's phone rang, and it was Arushi who was on the other end of the line.

Aditya agreed to go to Arushi's cabin, but he neglected to lock his computer. Neha seized the opportunity and stolen the presentation. During a conversation between Arushi and Aditya, Arushi stated that Aditya will deliver the presentation that the two of them had prepared together. But this is your dream project, and you worked so hard on it, so why do you want me to deliver this presentation?' Aditya questioned. ‘I realise this is my dream project, but I want you to demonstrate your ability to everyone here so that no one doubts your abilities.' Arushi responded. So, you're going to give the talk. 'Good luck,' Arushi said. Also, please double-check that everyone is prepared for the meeting and notify me.

Aditya is overjoyed and confident, as he has been waiting for an opportunity like this for a long time. He then gathered everyone for a meeting and returns to his desk to retrieve his paperwork. In the meeting room, everyone assembled. Arushi asked everyone to give their presentation one by one, with Aditya being the last one.

Everyone has done their presentation, and now it is Mr. Banerjee's and his team's turn. Neha took the stage to give a presentation and got right to work. Arushi and Aditya realise that this presentation is identical to the one they prepared.

Arushi remained cool and didn't react, but Aditya abruptly spoke up and said, "This is our..." Arushi interrupted Aditya and said, "I don't want any interruptions during the presentation." If you have any further questions, please do so at the conclusion of the presentation. Everyone in the room clapped as Neha finished her presentation because each and every topic was properly articulated.

Aditya now has nothing to show because Neha gave his presentation in front of everyone. No one in the office knows that Arushi and Aditya collaborated on this presentation. Arushi complimented Neha on her hard work, and Neha don’t know Arushi was aware that she had stolen the presentation. Aditya is annoyed and irritated with Arushi, and he is preparing to leave the meeting room.

Arushi interrupts him and says, "I believe everyone has enjoyed the presentation so far." So, we should finish this presentation and ask Neha to provide the exact work so that we can double-check it before submitting it to the London conference.

Neha became concerned because she had no information about it. Neha requests a one-day extension because she does not yet have all of the collective data. Arushi agrees, and the meeting is called to a close for the day. Aditya becomes enraged with Arushi for knowing the truth and yet supporting her. He also departs from conference room.

Neha appears to be very tense at this point, and in an attempt to escape the situation, she returned to Aditya's desk to inquire about the presentation. In the meantime, Aditya returned to his desk and inquired as to what you were seeking for, "project specifics," because you had already taken my presentation. That was your presentation, Neha says, 'really really?' You're a peon here, and you're claiming you have prepared this presentation. Nobody is going to believe you, so get out of there now.

Arushi was observing all of her actions and planning her next move. Aditya didn't say anything in the evening as he walked back to home. Aditya was called for dinner later that night by the servant, but he declined. Arushi came downstairs and inquired about Aditya, learning that he had refused to eat today. Arushi walks to Aditya's room to call him and knocks on the door, which she opens and enters.

And tells him to stop acting like a child and come over for dinner. Aditya, on the other hand, refuses to come. And he says, "You know the truth, we both worked very hard on this presentation," so why did you pick her side and hand over the presentation to her?" Relax, Aditya, and don't be alarmed, adds Arushi. You will receive all of your answers by tomorrow, so come in and eat dinner, and she depart from their.

Aditya spends two minutes pondering what she would do tomorrow, and he joins her for dinner. Later, Aditya inquires about what she plans to do tomorrow, but Arushi remains silent and goes to sleep.

Everyone gathered in the meeting room the next day at work for Neha's detailed presentation. But Neha was not prepared this time, and she was really frightened about stepping up. But she summoned the confidence to display all of the details of where she had collected data and completed all of the study work.

Everyone saw it and noticed a lot of inconsistencies in the thorough presentation. Aditya was also present, convinced that something bad had to happen to her. Arushi hands her one pen drive after she finishes her presentation and instructs her to plug it in. Neha inserts the pen drive into the computer and presses the play button.

Neha was caught on camera stealing the presentation from Aditya's desk, and it was Aditya's presentation. Everyone in the conference room was taken aback by Neha's actions, as she was a dedicated and hardworking employee. However, she is now being blamed for her conduct by everyone. Aditya, on the other hand, was blown away by Arushi's trap.

Aditya was ecstatic on the inside. Arushi asks Neha if she wants to explain anything to her. Neha began crying and confessing to everyone, revealing the entire truth about why and how she did everything. Okay, we understand your situation and why you did what you did, but I've given you the opportunity to tell the truth. You can come to me and tell me the truth if you wish, but you haven't done so.

So, what kind of punishment do you want now? After all, you're a natural decision-maker. Neha begs her forgiveness this time and assures her that it will not happen again. Arushi approaches everyone in the meeting room and raises a question. Everyone suggests Arushi to terminate her. Arushi says I'm not going to fire her; instead, she'll have to work under Aditya from now on.

Both Neha and Aditya are taken aback by this decision. Aditya is adamant about not cooperating with her. Aditya's arguments were ignored by Arushi, who stated that the decision had already been made and that she would be working with you from now on. Aditya has worked quite hard on this project, and he will be attending the final presentation in London.

Aditya couldn't believe his ears when he learned that he had been selected for the final presentation. Mr. Banerjee, who has prior expertise managing international projects, would also accompany Aditya, according to Arushi. Everyone leaves after the meeting, but Aditya stays to apologise to Arushi for his behaviour the night before.

Arushi smiles and tells him to get back to work because he now has a bigger task to complete. Aditya began to have feelings for her. Arushi is likewise making her way towards her cabin. Later, an office investigator approaches Arushi and shows her something he discovered while researching Neha's case.

Truth Revealed

After seeing this, Arushi runs out and shouts Aditya's name and asks, "Who are you?" Why did you decide to work for this company? So, what are your plans? Aditya starts to speak, but Arushi interrupts him with a barrage of questions. Aditya makes a concerted effort to soothe Arushi and suggests that they discuss in the cabin.

Arushi, on the other hand, contacts the investigator and requests that he play the footage. In the video, he is seen transferring company information to Mr. Mahesh Singhania's company. And the truth is revealed that he is actually Mr. Mahesh Singhania’s son, Mr. Aditya Singhania. After revealing the complete truth in front of everyone, Arushi asks Aditya why he done this. I put my faith in you, and I discovered a good friend in you. You were privy to every detail of my life. So, why did you do this to me?

Arushi exhales deeply and declares that it was all my fault at the time of the interview; all I had was a gut sensation that something was amiss. However, I disregarded the fact that you had come to obtain private company information. Right? She returns to her cabin and hands Aditya a pen drive, explaining that he has only come here for this reason. Right? Take it and leave; I'll never want to see you again. She then returns to her cabin, closes the door, and begins to cry.

Everyone in the office speaks ill of Aditya and tells him to leave. Aditya was unconcerned about what everyone was saying to him; all he cared about was Arushi, whom he didn't want to lose because he had begun to like her.

And now, based on her reply, he has proven that she likes him as well. He waited outside the office for Arushi to speak up so he could address the matter. Arushi emerged from the workplace after some time and discovered Aditya waiting for her.

She walks away from him and into a lift. Aditya tries to speak with her, but the lift door is shut. He dashed down the steps. Arushi arrives sooner as expected because she was in the lift. Again, assault Arushi in the parking lot, and this time Arushi is unable to fight the due to her poor self-esteem and depression. Meanwhile, Aditya arrives to the parking lot and encounters , with whom he fights.

However, one of the goon struck Arushi’s head with the hammer, injuring her severely and knocking her to the ground. When Aditya returned her gaze, took advantage of the lapse in time and fled away. Aditya approaches Arushi and removes his coat, wrapping it around her head because she was bleeding profusely. He then picks her up and places her in the car.

He took Arushi to the hospital, where doctors had been told of the situation and had made the required arrangements. Hospital staff whisked her away to Operation Theater as soon as they arrived. Aditya was tense, and he blamed himself for his predicament.

He informed Arushi's parents of the situation; Arushi's parents arrived at the hospital shortly and began questioning Aditya about Arushi's condition. He responded that had hit her with a hammer on the head and that doctors were checking on her injury. Meanwhile, a doctor emerged from OT and stated that they had done their best, but Aditya interjected and questioned, "But what doctor?" Please assure us that she is alright. She is a formidable opponent, capable of fighting thugs as well. This is a minor injury for her, and she will recover quickly.

'Calm down, Aditya,' the doctor urged. She is alive, but she is currently in a coma due to injury to one of her brain's parts; once she wakes up, we will be able to determine her exact position until we can place her under monitoring. After hearing this news, Arushi's mother started crying. Her father, on the other hand, was vulnerable and attempting to help her. Aditya was also feeling rash, but when he saw her parents, he pulled himself together and comforted them, forcing them to sit on a bench. But he couldn't contain his emotions and hurried outside, hating himself for everything that had occurred to Arushi and recalling of his time with her.

And then he recalls Arushi's advice to never give up in any scenario because you'll get out of it and everything will be alright in the end. As a result, he has made the decision to confront the matter and has returned to the hospital. And he requested Arushi's parents' help, stating that no one should know about Arushi's condition because those had previously attempted to hurt her and might do so again. And we have to keep it hidden for her safety. It will also have an impact on the reputation of the company.

It was approved by Arushi's parents. Then he spoke with a doctor about making all of Arushi's medical needs available at her house. Then he goes to the police station and files a report against the, instructing them to conduct a secret investigation. The next day, he personally inspects all of the medical arrangements in the house before bringing Arushi to her residence. He also promised himself that he would look after her family.

And he prepared himself to work as Arushi's replacement in business while she was away. Meanwhile, he maintains contact with the authorities. He went to work the next day, but the security guard refused to let him in. But Aditya stormed into the office, where he spoke with Mr. Banerjee and told him the whole truth about Arushi and her condition.

Aditya asked Mr. Banerjee to assist him, and Mr. Banerjee accepted and stated that Aditya will join them. Everyone agreed to Mr. Banerjee’s choice because he is the most senior in the workplace and everyone respects his decision, and then Aditya took over the project. No one liked working with Aditya, and the workplace was against him, but he disregarded them and remembered his pledge to himself and Arushi.

London Project

Aditya created a working model for the London project because he studied at London University and is familiar with the London working culture as he has done some project in London. He went to the presentation after booking tickets with Mr. Banerjee. Before leaving for London, Aditya meets Arushi and stated her that this is her dream project, and from now on, all of her dreams will be mine, and that she should wish him luck because they are going to sign this deal today.

Aditya competes against his father's company namely ‘Indinova Tech Pvt. Ltd.’ in the London project and supports Arushi's company. He attends the meeting with Mr. Banerjee and gives a presentation and demonstrate the model as well. Everyone was impressed, and they were eventually signed the contract. When they returned to the office, everyone was pleased with Aditya's efforts and congratulated him on his accomplishment.

But Aditya's father was furious with him since he had backed Arushi's business, and Mr. Mahesh despises Arushi even more because he believes she has stolen his only child. Arushi's condition, on the other hand, is unknown. Aditya came home from work to inform Arushi of some wonderful news. He walks into Arushi's room and sits beside her, asking how she's doing. Get well soon, please. I'm terribly missing you.

If you don't want to talk to me, that's fine; I'll never approach you, but please wake up once. He couldn't see her like this, and during the chat, tears welled up in his eyes. After a while, he continues, "You know, Arushi, we got the contract for the London project, and it's all because of you and your convictions." He received a call from the police station while relaying the news with Arushi.

They claimed that they had arrested certain persons and needed his assistance in identifying them. Aditya got there and identified the thugs, battling with them until the cops arrived and told him to calm down. Aditya responds, "However, whatever happened to Arushi was all because of them." The cops told him that they were local thugs who simply did it for the money, but that the mastermind was somewhere else, and they needed to be found.

After identifying the thugs, police interrogated them and discovered that Siddharth was behind it all. Police requested Aditya's assistance and stated that they did not have sufficient evidence against him at this time. We must proceed with caution in this scenario so that he cannot save himself. Aditya was surprised and couldn't control his rage after learning the truth, but he decided to help the police gather evidence against him.

Aditya acquired information about how Siddharth met with Arushi from Arushi's parents, and Arushi's parents began telling about Arushi's meeting with Siddharth. Siddharth and Arushi met for the first time at her second National Award event receiving day. Varun's company has recently welcomed Siddharth. Varun and Arushi had been classmates in college. Varun used to come here, and Arushi liked him as well. Varun, on the other hand, was in love with another woman and married her one day.

Then Arushi was heartbroken and depressed, so she decided to start her own business. She worked very hard, and when Varun found out about it, he apologized to Arushi, and the two became friends again. At the second National Award ceremony, Varun introduced Arushi to Siddharth, so that she could move forward and live a happy life.

Varun told Arushi that he is a decent person, therefore she agreed. They may have a bright future together if they liked each other. But who would have guessed Siddharth would do such a thing? Now Aditya understands why Arushi acts the way she does and what motivates her. Aditya then met Varun in order to learn more about Siddharth. Varun informs him that Siddharth is no longer employed at the company. Aditya informs Varun of Arushi's situation and requests his assistance. Varun became depressed and began blaming himself for everything.

Aditya stated that it was not his fault because you had no bad intentions. It was all part of Siddharth's strategy to intervene in Arushi's life. But I'm not sure what his motivation was for doing so. Varun and Aditya join forces to discover Siddharth's truth. Varun took Aditya around the workplace of Siddharth and they began looking for Proof. They discovered an Arushi folder on his PC that was password protected. They attempted to unlock, but were unable to do so. Varun enlisted the help of a hacker to crack this files, and within they discovered an entire case study about Arushi.

Every aspect about her was revealed, including what she likes and dislikes, as well as her past and present. Varun and Aditya were taken aback when they saw this and told the cops. The cops said they could now arrest him and that the rest will be discovered, and they thanked them for their assistance.

But Aditya was not content; he demanded the whole truth. He requested Varun's assistance once more. And urged Varun to go visit Siddharth's parents, while Siddharth was hiding from everyone because he knew the thugs had been jailed. Varun observed a girl in a family portrait hanging on the wall who was Arushi's and Varun's classmate named Shikha, who committed Suicide, when he came to meet Siddharth's parents. Varun inquired about Shikha and Siddharth's relationship. Shikha is Siddharth's sister, according to their parents. She also committed suicide because she had a crush on one of her college classmates. Varun was made aware of the full situation. Siddharth's things, which had been left in the workplace, were given to his parents. Varun meets with Aditya and tells him the whole truth about how everything began in college.

Arushi and Varun were great friends, and Shikha used to like Varun back then, doing crazy things for him, but Varun didn't like her. Varun has another woman to whom he is married. But because he couldn't reveal her name at the time, he used Arushi's name in front of her as a girlfriend. And then she committed suicide one day, and Siddharth assumed it was all due of us, so he joined my firm and went into Arushi's life to exact revenge. He is extremely dangerous, and we must exercise extreme caution because he has hidden himself.

Siddharth's phone was traced and police located his whereabouts, and police told Aditya that Siddharth had been arrested. Varun and Aditya became friends after that, and Varun accompanied Aditya to meet Arushi. When he sees Arushi like this laying in the bed, it brings tears to his eyes.

Varun tries to cheer her up by reminiscing about their past together. He then left and went to meet Arushi's parents. Now when Aditya and Arushi were alone in the room, Aditya begs Arushi to get up because Siddharth has been arrested as well, and he becomes sad and holds her hand. Varun, on the other hand, tells Arushi's parents, "I hope Arushi gets better soon." Aditya has feelings for her and I feels sorry for Aditya.

Everything is running nicely in the office, and Aditya is taking care of everything. Aditya used to work late at night while eating Maggie and drinking juice. Aditya's father visits Arushi's office the next day to meet Aditya. Mr. Mahesh asked Aditya to return and leave Arushi's business alone, as well as explain why he is working for her while he has his own company, but he refused.

Now that Aditya has been with the company for three months, the company's market worth has improved, and it has been nominated in the international market. Aditya, on the other hand, returns home on a regular basis to meet Arushi and share all of his findings with her.

Arushi Regain Consciousness

Aditya pray for her to wake up; today, when he was giving all of the company's information, Arushi was moving her fingers, dreaming about the incident in which she was hurt, and her final thought was the London project. She awoke abruptly and began shouting for information on the London project. While Aditya was attempting to calm her down, her parents ran upstairs after hearing their daughter's voice.

The doctor is called by the nurse who is with her. Arushi inquires of Aditya, "What are you doing here?" After breaking her confidence, he has no right to stay here. Aditya exits the room after saying, "OK, I'll go relax." When the doctor arrives, he examines Arushi and declares her to be in good health. Arushi rises and declares, "My London project is there, and I must acquire it." I need to be prepared because there are so many things to contend with.

Aditya walks into the room and takes care of Arushi, telling her the whole narrative of how she was in a coma and how they got the London project and that everything is OK, and how Siddharth was also detained and apologised for his previous error. She became distraught after hearing all of this and hugged Aditya, confessing her feelings for him. Aditya also professes his love for her and promises not to hurt her again.

Everyone in the room seemed to be having a good time. The next day, they both went to work together, and everyone was overjoyed to see Arushi back in the workplace. Arushi expresses her gratitude to everyone for their help. Arushi and Aditya made their way back to their cabin, where Aditya received a call from his father, which he promptly disconnected. Arushi inquired about the call, and Aditya informed her of the situation, explaining that his father had urged him to return to work for his company, but he had refused.

After learning the story, Arushi advises Aditya you return to his father, as he requires your assistance. But Aditya was adamant about staying with Arushi. Arushi teaches him that a son's responsibilities are more essential than a lover's. We will both work for our respective companies and compete against one another. On the professional front, we will be apart, but in our personal lives, we will be together.

Is it feasible, Aditya inquired? I'm not sure, but let's try, says Arushi. Aditya agrees to Arushi's request and joins his father's company the following day. They are now both working on new company enhancements and spending time together over lunch and dinner. 

Mr. Mahesh, on the other hand, was opposed to their connection. He advised Aditya to leave Arushi and marry Kavya, the daughter of one of his friends. Aditya was enraged at his father, and they two had a fight. He then proceeded to meet Arushi. Arushi makes him feel at ease and instructs him to return after learning the complete tale. 

In the evening, Arushi had a private discussion with Mr. Mahesh to try to figure out why he is acting the way he is. She tried to persuade Mr. Mahesh to agree to their marriage, but he refused.

And he departed from there; however, he forgot his phone, and Arushi follows him after him to return his phone. She arrives to find him being beaten by some thugs. Then Arushi fights the thugs and saves Mr. Mahesh, bringing him inside and administering first aid while inquiring about the thugs, but Mr. Mahesh refuses to speak. But Arushi threatens that if you don't tell me, I'll tell Aditya everything.

And Mr. Mahesh agrees to tell her everything, even how he borrowed a large sum of money from the market two years ago for a project that never materialized, and how our company is in financial trouble. That is why I dispatched Aditya to your office to gather data so that we can win a National Award and improve our market reputation.

However, this isn't possible right now. One of my friends is willing to assist us on the condition that Aditya marry his daughter. Kavya is a friend from college and she likes Aditya. Aditya, on the other hand, adores you. I don't think there's any other option to salvage my business. Mr. Mahesh, Arushi inquired, "How much loan have you taken?" Mr. Mahesh responds with a sum of 300 crores.

Arushi remained silent and drove Mr. Mahesh to his home, where he was requested to relax. Arushi returns home and attempts to find a solution to the problem. She looked through all of her accounts, but she didn't have enough money. She also double-checked the company's books. She is only allowed to have 100 crores. That isn't enough, either.

Later, she contacted Mr. Davender, who expressed interest in purchasing her property. Arushi was building her dream house in a different place, and she had put a lot of money into it, and Mr. Davender had tried to buy it before, but she had refused. Now she's asking Mr. Davender if he's still interested in buying her house, and she's asking for 200 crores as a selling price, which Mr. Davender is willing to pay. She met Mr. Mahesh after collecting the complete sum and inquired about the money lender in great detail.

Mr. Mahesh was enquiring why you wanted his information; you don't get involved in his situation because he is a bad person. Let's see how horrible he is, Arushi replies with a smile. Mr. Mahesh claims he is a thug. Mr. Mahesh is forced to get into the car by Arushi, and takes all of information about the money lender from Mr. Mahesh and then takes him to see the money lender after some research.

Mr. Mahesh was frightened, but Arushi was unfazed, and she gave him 300 crores and asked him to sign a legal document so that the deal could be finalized. However, after witnessing Arushi, Ronny (the thug) became mesmerized and attempted to use the situation.

He reasoned that if he kidnapped Mr. Mahesh, he might demand a random amount from his son. Second, he will receive his money back and will be able to spend time with Arushi as they have both arrived alone. He began flirting with Arushi, but he has no idea that Arushi is smarter than he believes. She already has a contingency plan in place. Arushi had already warned her team that if they didn't return within an hour, police would be dispatched to the location.

Mr. Mahesh asked Ronny to take this money and leave them alone, but Ronny began to play his malicious schemes. They grabbed Mr. Mahesh, and Ronny was having fun with Arushi until she smacked him and started fighting with thugs over there, where she discovered the pistol.

So she took out revolver and aimed it at Ronny, telling him to leave Mr. Mahesh, and after a short while, police arrived and detained everyone. Many times the police failed to arrest Ronny, but he was finally arrested, and Arushi filed a complaint against him. Next, Ronny have to signed the legal paperwork releasing  Mr. Mahesh's from loan taken.

Arushi’s Marriage

Mr. Mahesh has now paid off all of his debts. Mr. Mahesh apologizes to Arushi for his previous behaviour and thanked her for what she has done for him today. Later that evening, Mr. Mahesh and Aditya bring a marriage proposal to Arushi's house and meet with her parents. Both families were overjoyed. Arushi and Aditya shared a beautiful time together.

The next day, the marriage announcement is made in both companies. Mr. Mahesh was overjoyed, and he was making all of the wedding preparations on his own. Aditya and Arushi, on the other hand, chose to unite their businesses. Aditya and Arushi announced the merging of both companies later on the wedding day. They also tied the knot. They lived happily ever after.

By Bithika Das

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