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Hashtag Kalakar

By Ramish Rahim Shah

In the realm of pixels and dreams aglow,

Where talents unite and aspirations flow,

There's a virtual stage, vibrant and bold,

Hashtag Kalakar, where stories are told.

Brushes dance on canvases, colors ignite,

Art and paint collide, a symphony of sight,

Singers serenade, melodies take flight,

In this kaleidoscope of talents, pure and bright.

But hark! A poet steps forth with grace,

Words woven like threads in an intricate lace,

Upon the canvas of verses, emotions embrace,

Hashtag Kalakar's poetry finds its place.

With ink as my palette, thoughts as my guide,

I ventured into this realm, side by side,

Through stanzas and rhyme, emotions untied,

On Hashtag Kalakar's stage, my heart's voice amplified.

A community of creators, diverse and profound,

Gathered to share their passions unbound,

In the realm of Kalakar, magic is found,

A tapestry of talents, forever renowned.

So, let the poetry flow like a river's song,

In this haven of artists, where we all belong,

Hashtag Kalakar, where we all grow strong,

Together we thrive, forever lifelong.

By Ramish Rahim Shah

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Danish Shah
Danish Shah
Sep 12, 2023

Amazing one

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