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Forgiving Scars

By Subhobrato Mukherjee

Upon their faces, scars bear deep,

A haunting tale of pain they keep.

The acid's venom, a cruel attack,

Left wounds that sting, like shadows black.

Yet in the darkness, they find their light,

Their spirits strong, their will to fight.

Through shattered dreams, they rise above,

In every heart, forgiveness and love.

In each embrace, a healing grace,

Resilience blooms, they find their place.

A journey fraught with trials and pain,

Yet forgiveness reigns, their hearts regain.

Through inner battles, they emerge,

With courage strong, their wounds they purge.

To face the world with eyes that shine,

Forgiving those who crossed the line.

For in forgiveness, they find release,

A pathway to a newfound peace.

No longer chained to hate's cruel chains,

They break free, embracing love's gains.

In unity, their voices rise,

A chorus of strength, they harmonize.

Their scars now bear a tale of might,

A testament to love's pure light.

Oh, acid attack survivors brave,

You show the world the power to forgive.

Through pain and tears, you've learned to cope,

In love's embrace, you find your hope.

With hearts unburdened, spirits free,

You teach the world what love can be.

In forgiveness lies your strength to mend,

A journey towards healing, without end.

By Subhobrato Mukherjee

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