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By Bibi Ayesha M. Nadaf

If you see the train doesn't run on single track it always needs two likewise road cannot be as disciplined without both ways that's the definition of mom and dad. Without both nothing is complete. He is the support system of our family who drives through all ups and downs.

If mom raised you love and values dad taught you the value of discipline and strictness in life and how to be a man or women in this World.

He never complains about the burden he has any while running entire family bread, he is always ready to sacrifice all and give their children the best life he could.

He is the only person who runs not the first in the race to take everyone on the ground at once, he carries responsibility of parents, own family, in-laws every one.

Fathers are pivotal in a child's life. They are form of influencer in a child's life along with Mother.

Both together groom their children to get through any struggle their face ahead in life, with strong foundation provided to child.

Every girl feels a sense of security with their father.

The way of binding relationships together and their values are the drivers for our vehicle in this life, as we cannot drive without practice with traffic like today similarly.

He always supports and guide towards achieving our dreams. As fathers are known for taking risk. They help us install those problem-solving abilities so that we can grow as a person better in life.

My father always taught me the value of relationships and values on top of anything and be that person in life whom we always look up to.

Like a small egg gives life to new one which has its yolk which provides essential nutrients like our "Mother" does and white part which provides cushioning between the embryo and protective shell like our "Dad" do always.

He will always be my role model.

By Bibi Ayesha M. Nadaf

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