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Updated: Feb 12

By Aanya Nigam

I have been chasing paths

to a place unknown…

treading carefully, 

Steps uneven 

as I drift aimlessly. 


Stop… my restless trance!!

Stuck in life’s chaos,

I forgot…

Happiness lies in

stopping by and soaking in

the small joys.

I rid myself of any trepidation,

tucking it away 

in a pocket of blissful oblivion,

Never to be seen again

as I drift into a state 

of unperturbed Nirvana.

I breathe in tranquillity, 

exhuming flames of my angst.

It fills my awaiting soul

with showers of dandelion wisps. 

What is happiness?

I ponder…

As I wake up to inhale

mists of mystical possibilities, 

the sun peeking through the window

in its morning glory.

I find happiness

where the daffodils roam. 

Auroras sprinkling light 

over the linen sheets

singing to me

golden lullabies 

that tingle my sleep.

Pouring unblemished love

in the dark corners of my mind

And lighting an everlasting lavender candle

in every nook and cranny, 

A phrase of music 

from the window of a passing car.

Innocent and free spirited…

This is what 

Happiness is to me. 

Like the cycle of the moon,

I become whole again. 

Stardust wraps me 

In silver dreams. 

Happiness engulfs me

draped in a warm cloth

of the dappled sunlight 

that wanders through broken branches.

My heart at peace…

The golden seeks me 

Even when all I see around

Is black. 

By Aanya Nigam

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Rahul Nigam
Rahul Nigam
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Awesome! What mastery of words and imagination...

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