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Don’t Call Me Crazy…

By Shanaya Kacheria

She thought in the end he would leave her alone,

now she has to ignore his stories on her iPhone.

she stopped talking to him as it felt right,

she had no intention to start a fight.

Now he stares at her like he cares,

he keeps looking back cause she’s so fair,

she wants him to leave her alone,

now he’s just somebody that she used to know.

She hurt him in a way he never saw coming,

like a game when she sees him she thinks about running,

the hate, disgust and more,

the hatred she feels for,

its 2/1 if u check the score.

She just wants him to leave it,

there’s just been too much do deal with,

as if she and him would ever be a fit,

last time they were close they ended up into a dead pit.

By Shanaya Kacheria

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shalin kacheria
shalin kacheria
Sep 12, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.


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