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Does Age Matter

By Agastyaa Goradia

Through the curtains of waterfall let your body drench, move your body and dance like never before, on every beat of life, happy, fear or despondency. Swing your hips and blush your cheeks, let the glow on your skin and the radiance in you be the only halo in the room you are present, dance, dance like there is no tomorrow, age is just a number. From the tunnel of darkness to the rays of sun, enjoy the oyster of life as age is just a number. Zumba and rock-n roll, tango or hip hop, just dance to every move as age is just a number

“You are not too old and it is not too late” this quote combats the constant turmoil that plagues the mind of you and me. The primal fear of aging and the irrelevance caused by it is embedded into every single mind and stops people from smelling the brewing coffee and the drizzle outside the window. The constant ticking of time that slowly seals our demise is the biggest concern, for soul not yet ready to accept their own systems breakdown. As our body fails us, we are unable to recommence the tasks we initiated in our hey-days and this is one of many objects of disquietude that people hold towards aging. It is paramount to know that ‘age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind it doesn’t matter’. 

When our accomplishments will be engraved in gold and etched into the sands of time, never fading, and we will eventually plaster our names onto the history books, our age will not determine how much of an influence we make on this earth, rather what separates those who are ordinary from those that are extra ordinary is the ability to never falter or crumble in the face of adversity. Taking the example of Gotthold Eisenstein, he propelled the field of number theory and fell at the tender age of 29 as a result of tuberculosis. True geniuses do not require the passage of time to bloom and blossom and rather are capable of possessing abilities that are anomalous for their ages. Gotthold Eisenstein is a reminder of the idea that in the face of innovation age, experience can take a back seat. Considering the fact that some of the pre-eminent individuals in the field of mathematics and science have burnt bright before fading into oblivion, we have differentiate our goals and aspirations from those of the hordes. Only when one shoves aside the misconception that age accompanies wisdom will they be able to break the shackles preventing them from growing.

“Successful people do ordinary things with extraordinary commitment and focus.” said Jon Gordon. This is pertinent for every individual regardless of their age or gender, however when we are blindsided by the common misconceptions that children do not possess the same earnestness and grit as grownups, we fail to comprehend the latent potential that lies in them and often let their talent stagnate. It is essential to gauge individuals’ abilities before concluding, it is important to see what they have to bring on the table irrespective of the age. Attitude and intentions can surpass age resulting in humongous contribution to humanity. Children possess an imagination that far surpasses that of adults, as for them sky is not a limit. With passing time, individuals replace their imaginative abilities with route learning resulting in a stagnation in their growth and life becoming mundane, dull and bland. Children possess qualities such as fearlessness, enthusiasm and drive and hence are incomparable to adults as they are unafraid of failure, validation or rejection. They are okay with painting the sky pink, who says it needs to be only blue? Even a Yellow would do for them.  On the other hand, adults possess the necessary experience to implement and execute a variety of ideas with meticulous planning and determination, hence if there is a comprehensive effort between the two age categories then humanity as a whole will soar. The fear of being boxed, labelled, and confined by the cultural norms does not allow room for lateral thinking. Societal validations ignore ability, attitude, enthusiasm and their earnest approach. So yes, while age does not matter in the field of intellectual growth and understanding, the preserving of the fragile minds of children and maintaining its peace should be the number one priority for all.  Children should enjoy their childhood, develop holistically and be nurtured. There is no fixed timetable that needs to be followed as each one has their own journey at its own predetermined timelines known best to the almighty.

Understanding one’s abilities as they tend to grow exponentially with age and comprehending when one must take action to have the highest chance of success is ability that is only developed over a period of time. ‘The best teacher in life is experience’- LeBron James. This holds true, for no person comes out of the mother’s womb with all knowledge. Failure is a mother of all teachers. To fail, falter, fall, get up and fall again, get up and walk helps us leap over the obstacles faced in the journey called life. Every failure one meets adds to the journal of experience and only with personal experiences and hardships will a person be able to grow and succeed. With the passing of time, one gains a wealth of experiences, knowledge, and wisdom that contributes to a wonderful evolution as a person. As we age, we encounter diverse situations, face challenges, and overcome obstacles, all of which provide valuable lessons and opportunities for self-reflection. The accumulation of these experiences fosters resilience, adaptability, and a deeper understanding of oneself and the world. Age grants us the gift of perspective. Through the passage of years, we witness societal shifts, technological advancements, and evolving cultural norms. This broader perspective allows us to appreciate the interconnectedness of life and to empathize with diverse perspectives. It nurtures a sense of humility and open-mindedness, as we recognize the limitations of our own knowledge and the importance of continuous learning. Moreover, age brings increased self-awareness. As we grow older, we become more attuned to our strengths, weaknesses, values, and passions which helps in self-awareness and more informed choices aligned with our authentic selves, leading to greater fulfilment and contentment. 

Age plays a pivotal role in the realm of health, exerting a profound influence on the overall well-being of individuals. As one advances in age, our corporeal framework undergoes a multitude of intricate physiological transformations that significantly impact health and vitality. With the passing of time, the elderly become increasingly susceptible to an array of maladies and infirmities, which can potentially precipitate incapacitation or even mortality. Consequently, age assumes an indispensable role in shaping an individual's quality of life and their capacity to lead an autonomous existence. Furthermore, age stands as a prominent determinant in the sphere of career and employment opportunities. It is for the very reason that our society holds those that are more experienced in higher regards compared to young bright minds as they are perceived as lack of creativity and innovation. Employers frequently harbour distinct expectations and inclinations concerning the age bracket of prospective candidates for senior job roles. Some organizations exhibit a preference for younger applicants, drawn to their seemingly boundless energy and zealousness to acquire latest trends while progressing alongside the enterprise. Conversely, certain establishments may favour employees who come along with a few grey strands, recognizing their extensive experience and proficiencies that align harmoniously with the demands of the job. As a consequence, age can emerge as a constraining factor influencing the prospects for professional advancement, contingent upon the requisites of a given occupation and the prevailing cultural ethos within an organization. Hence, while age might matter in certain aspects it is completely unnecessary to bring it up in an environment where every individual is working to further the capabilities of an organization, a government or even for the betterment of the world.

There is no right or wrong while contemplating the question of whether age truly matters. There are valid arguments on both sides and both are right! On one hand, Age undeniably plays a crucial role in health, rendering individuals more vulnerable to diseases as they grow older. It can also influence career prospects, with certain industries favouring youth and vigour, while others appreciate the experience and wisdom that comes with age. On the other hand, age should not be the sole determinant of one's abilities, as individuals can defy stereotypes and excel at any age. Factors such as passion, dedication, and adaptability also contribute significantly to success. Moreover, embracing diversity in age fosters a rich pool of perspectives and promotes intergenerational learning. Ultimately, a balanced perspective emerges, suggesting that while age has significance, it should not be the sole measure of a person's worth or potential. Society benefits when we value individuals based on their unique skills, contributions, and character rather than solely on their age. Irrespective of how old you are, you need to enjoy life to the fullest. Watch the sunsets, catch the butterfly, Celebrate the milestones and don’t forget to dance in the rain. And yes, if you want to paint your sky pink, go ahead, do it!!

By Agastyaa Goradia

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Dipti G
Dipti G
Jan 11
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Excellent writing !!!!

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