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Dire Fact

By Dr. Fasil Barkat

It is so hard to express

And difficult to shape in words

Indeed, arduous to deliberate upon

The agony is deep and slaying

Feelings perish with time

Bold blackens colours hanging

Tasks turn hard, in attempts of vain

Ugly black clouds dim the bright

Life’s melee for rest and peace

Is what being strenuous to bargain and endure

Alas! Shops are none that one could witness

Hiatus is death, of continuity you meditate

Engagements are much

Fulfilments are few

Masters know how to steal

Defenders lose courage to indorse

It is easy to make some learn good

How to act if all is bad?

Put an end to this fountain of pain

Dig your grave and get the peace

By Dr. Fasil Barkat

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