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Dice Games Are Bad

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

By Arpan Nandi

She kept telling me on Friday nights,

She spoke to angels, I never believed in.

She kept selling her absurdities, and

you think I am the one, insane ?

You feel there’s a God ?

When I was furiously jolting the ink from

everything that could possibly write, and

nothing really worked, all I felt was evil.

And if you still think there’s a God, tell him

we have strict working days here.

Ask him if he could have prevented me from

ending up being in a hospital, waiting

for that one surveyor, who could possibly

believe that the ‘system’ that has been treating

me as a psychopath, is probably not sane.

More the superiority, more the ignorance.

By Arpan Nandi

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