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Desert Rose

By Sharika Nair

Years ago on an ordinary, sunny day, My life changed forever in the month of May. The road we have travelled hence, Have both sunlit clearings and forests dense. Every day is a battle we fight, Trivial, or serious enough to leave our soul with blight; The war can be easier won when you have a mate Then there is no need to mourn your fate. I had much expectations from you, got disappointments galore; thoughts of bidding adieu. What held me back is the goodness that glows in your eyes, The sincerity and the abhorrence of lies.

The sun always comes out after darkest gloom, Sometimes roses can in deserts bloom; What I am saying through this little verse is, Even cynical me can see hope after reasons cease.

We are all but castles in the sand, One high tide can wipe us off the land. And so, though we don’t make an ideal pair, Still having a friend for life is precious and rare.

Our love is like a desert rose,

Planted in dry sand, nourished with tears and loss.

Gardens of Eden might be bestowed on a lucky few,

But a blossom on barren land is special, I still choose you.

By Sharika Nair

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