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Updated: Feb 22

By Deeksha Chandra

Amidst the smothering fire of verisimilitude, She settled for her delirium.

Her perpetrators could no longer comprehend her changing attitude,

For she bricked up walls around her soul with illusion.

They sold her body to mongers of lust,

And rebellion only won her an extra agonizing


Her youth lay derobed and innocence went down to dust,

Squeamish as she was of breath afar.

Till she fell into delirium,

Walling in with carefully placed bricks of illusion. Little did she realise she had entered a bottomless abyss in her long longing for affection.

They would pull and push and spank her hips, Making the most of the night that cost them a hefty price.

She still retained the tranquil smile on her lips, As she lay there still as cold as ice.

For in her delirium-

She was in her abode of paradise,

Warm in her quilt of love stitched in threads of serenity.

Holding her close was her consort, a man caring and wise,

And radiant as she ever was with pride and equanimity.

She no longer flung curses at her condition or at her life,

She ceased to feel the pain when her vagina bled. She no longer wept incessantly condemning her strife,

As it was far from reality that her thoughts had fled.

For in her delirium-

She was liberated, unbound and unconfined. She slept to smiles and woke up to laughter. To every atrocity,her soul had now turned blind. She was new indeed, hereafter.

In this world so chimeric, her ailment had put her to ease.

With every step away from her truth, she was in quest of peace.

So brutally she had been torn apart already, That her disease was her only blessed remedy.

All her life, she would struggle and scrape, Till in her delirium she found her escape..

By Deeksha Chandra

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