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Dear Fetus

By Radwa Munir

You walked out of me on a red carpet And the dusk signed off welcoming the dawn with a sigh You bloomed like the hibiscus scarlet And the rainbow smiled in the sapphire sky. Life is more than just a nemesis Oh the hypocrisy! Pride is credenced, unforgotten of the prejudice What an aristocracy! Your soul baptized under the blue sky The pink walls were not of your choice But oh! the shouts of bigotry in their voice My dear, against all odds, spread your wings and fly.

Liberty is a gift you would love to savour But darling, may the odds be ever in your favour. The world has a lot to say About warriors disguised And how ships went astray But dear, let not your dreams be crucified. The world has a lot to say More than the long lost poems, the enraged Zeus and Prometheus's betray Rewrite the stories, turn the pages of proems Sophia was made by a man Bella Swan played by a Pride How beautiful, in twilight hues the black stallion ride ! Is chauvinism a scam, when the creation a "woman" and the creator a man ? Darling, humanity is slaved Liberty slumbers in tattered cascade!

**Note: Sophia is the first AI robot humanoid citizen created by David Hanson.

Bella Swan is the female lead character of the movie Twilight which was played by the famous Hollywood actress Kristen Stewart who identifies herself as a bisexual (Pride)

By Radwa Munir

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