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Dear Baby In My Womb

By Madhuri Gajera

You’re my sunshine

You’re my sweetheart

You’re everything I’ve ever wished for

You’re my moonlight

You’re my munchkin

You’re everything I’ve ever prayed for

You’re my stargaze

You’re my sweetie pie

You’re everything I’ve ever asked for

You’re my rainbow

You’re my rockstar

You’re everything I’ve ever imagined of

You’re my dew drops

You’re my darling

You’re everything I could ever dream of

You’re my flower bed

You’re my fairy

You’re everything I’ve ever hoped for

You’re my breezy air

You’re my butterfly

You’re everything I’ve ever wanted

You’re my whole world

You’re my wonder baby

You’re the miracle in creation

God has chosen me for!

By Madhuri Gajera

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