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Dawn To Daylight

By Deeksha Agrawal

I have disowned

a little piece of me to welcome a life that uplifts

yet keeps grounded

There is a faded transition to embrace my skin

in a better spirit yet again,

I shall go through a glow, speak in my head

bless the fallen leaves that float beside me inches above the ground

Nights will evolve too into a pastel light artists will draw

their own stories of life

I wish the sea is calm if I set the sail

be greeted by kind strangers hung up on a glass of wine standing still

like keen stargazers

The ground under my feet maybe swept away

and replaced with cold water And I might be a little afraid for a little while

but then, rise up to ride the waves

The moon shall glow up too with a smile

whether I plunge, or glide,

or feel jitters in the gut

Awed by the lighthouse follow its lead

to experiment with a trajectory that ditches the beach

for another seashore, for golden waters

at the hour of noon

Far from signs of wreckage much ahead of

rust and metal perhaps closer

to a buried treasure

Hassle free hustlers one carefree day, one carefree night

a feather-hearted journey from dawn to daylight

By Deeksha Agrawal

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