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Dangers Of Free Wi-Fi

By Bhavana Sivakumar

Even the cuties know that if it's free, the crowd will gather without asking, and free is always a risk. As if free and Tamils ​​have some bond, that's why for free. We have sold our country, rights and self-respect. Ok let's get to the story.

Free Wi-Fi is one of the most dangerous. We all know very well that nobody gives anything away for free. Free Wi-Fi is a boon for many hackers today. There is also a chance that someone will give away that Hero, not only that but some shopping malls and restaurants offer free Wi-Fi. Make sure any Wi-Fi is a private network or not. A private network can be used if unavoidable.

By connecting to that Wi-Fi, he can easily find your MAC Address/IP address, and not only that, the hacker will monitor all the details of which internet site you visit by connecting to that Wi-Fi.

Man in the Middle Attack:

One step above all this, he can clearly see the User Name and Password you type when you go to a website. This is called MITM in hacker parlance.

At most 20-30 seconds are enough for that hacker to penetrate into your mobile phone.

Malware distribution:

The operating system (OS) on your cell phone/handset has various protections, but some vulnerable files in it can allow a hacker to get in and take whatever they want without your permission/knowledge. (Your bank account details, photos, and more).

Safety Method:

Avoid free Wi-Fi as much as possible, connect to VPN and use free Wi-Fi if absolutely necessary.

Things to avoid in Free Wi-Fi:

1. Apply Auto Wi-Fi connect

2. Don't open any website by entering User Name and Password.

3. When Wi-Fi/Bluetooth is not activated. Keep all.

4. Don't open any website that has your most important details (banking, medical, insurance, etc.)

5. Don't connect to a website where you don't know / don't have a password.

6. Do not share any files.

By Bhavana Sivakumar

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