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By Tejaswi D Shetty

The summer when

dandelions drifted apart

it must have come to you.

Tiny white suckers shifting

across the weeds.

Sneaking through your windowsill.

All the while it has travelled

to convey the first greetings

of this season.

I dare say,

someday this sparkling fever

might catch you.

There, there.

The cure is another tiny bud

pacing back and forth.

Multiplying in numbers

as we fall in love.

Do you remember the times

the intuition failed?

And we were caught

between our fears.

Boundless meadowsweet unfolded

the rationale of our minds.

And then I saw you smile.

Beside a mellow garth

where our hearts intertwined.

By Tejaswi D Shetty

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