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Daily Travels

By Vani Bansal

As the day passes and stars in the sky arrive

I am at peace to find the silence missing in the bright light

It is the night that brings me joy more than the sunrise

For it is the time when an overthinker tries to exit the carriage of thoughts running wild

The carriage run by four horses at the front

being driven to anywhere anyplace in the world,

It is the valleys in the morning and the hills at the night

with roads being travelled millions of miles

It is the apple orchards or the daffodils blooming bright,

With thoughts running faster than the carriage being run by the knights

She sits inside donning the royal dress and the coronet

but believe me when I say-it is not easy

to share her ride sitting by your side

Champagnes are absent but the books pile high

with pen and paper fighting over her attention

with childlike innocence and twinkle in their eyes

She sits in silence lost in the marshes

in the sunrises and the sunsets

in the short days of winter and the never-ending days of summers

in the dreams of the travelers and the prayers sung by their lovers

Marking the paths of the streams running down the Himalayas

just like ganga originating, ran down the streaks of lord shiva

meeting streams in the way, offering herself to the silent ocean

like how a child offers herself to her mother

like two lovers meeting after covering a long-distance ecstatic to meet each other

and just like that the horses tire themselves brings the carriage to a halt

she exits poofs them away in the air

falls on her bed tired of all her travels so far

By Vani Bansal

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