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Cosmic Scavenger

By Subhobrato Mukherjee

Beneath moon's glow, in shadows deep,

Where secrets dwell, and mysteries creep,

A cosmic scavenger, small in sight,

Roams bravely through the endless night.

With antennas keen and armor strong,

Amidst debris where shadows throng,

It scuttles, silent, on its quest,

A tiny explorer, fate's own guest.

In ruins left by mankind's stride,

A world unseen, where wonders hide,

The roach uncovers nature's art,

In moonlit dance, it plays its part.

Through cracks and crevices, it'll glide,

In hidden realms, it seeks to bide,

Where phosphorescent fungi sway,

Their luminescence lights its way.

Amongst forgotten books and lore,

It weaves through tales of days of yore,

A relic in the ruins found,

A memory of love unbound.

With ancient wisdom in its gaze,

A witness to humanity's maze,

It soars on wings of resilience,

In cosmic wonder and brilliance.

When dawn's first light begins to bloom,

It rests its spirit, not consumed,

For though the world may come undone,

The roach endures, its journey won.

Beneath moon's glow, it treads with grace,

A luminescent wanderer in space,

In twilight's realm, it claims its worth,

A testament to life's rebirth.

By Subhobrato Mukherjee

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