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By Kartik Gupta

So here I am. In this vast room of solitude.

I am staring at the reddish brown walls, the colour of months of rust. It does not sit easy on the eye, so I try to look away with a sudden jerk of my head. I get a sudden urge to locate the door and exit this dank dingy room. But wait, I catch a hint of something else. Was that a different shade I perceived? I have this fleeting thought with miffed optimism that there’s more than meets the eye. Realization dawns on me that my vision was restricted so far by the two walls meeting acutely thus acting as narrow blinders. If only I moved a bit farther away, I could gain more perspective and see the unseen.

Sometimes, that is what’s needed. A few steps back.

Two steps back and one to the right, and I emerge out of the brown corner. One step closer again, and I can see aqua blue walls in front of me now, again forming such an acute corner that they encompass the extremes of my axis of vision. A desire simmers to sit down with folded legs and just breathe in the colour. The reminiscent blue takes me back in time, and with it is a beckoning call from the future where unsaid promises will be kept. This is indeed a good place to spend my years. But not so soon. I place a mental marker to come back here.

And so I turn back. For the time being, at least. The orange walls are inviting. They put my restless thoughts at ease. I feel lucky to have found this spot. But does that mean my journey has come to an end? Probably not. What about the other cornered walls? I must get to them in due course. I will continue onwards, always keeping the tranquil orange in sight.

I do not know what the other corners have in store. I do not know what colour is the paint on those walls. I do not know which windows of opportunity they hold. I do not know which cracks in the stone they show.

But this I know, that I sure have all of it to explore.

Once I have done that, I can find my vantage point. I can gladly balance myself at the centre of this multi-pointed star shaped room and get both perspective and depth.

I know that it will be an adventure. And what is the stay in this room worth, if not for that.

Bahut der se dekh raha hun in deewaro ko, ab tak rang badla nahi

Nazrein bhi ojhil ho rahi ab, ki sooraj dhalne ko hai

Wahi laal bhura saamne hai, mann bhar sa aaya hai ab.

By Kartik Gupta

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