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By Sahil Dhamapurkar

There are some pieces, which I don't know whether they are lost or covert. I do see, this swimmer wants to break the water but the surface is too hard. It's challenging for him to go more profound, not that he is afraid of depth but the darkness that comes with it threatens his soul; the fear of being swallowed by his own thoughts contemplates him to think shallower, his free soul is trapped by the sharp spears of his own conscience, his morality is being fiddled by the one's near him and the only plausible save for him: to explode, with such a resplendence, melting the spears to it's extremities, causing his morality to rise, shattering the one's by showing them who they are close to, illuminating the darkness of the depth making a figurative path around the memory lane where his last dread dwells, becalling his triumph by cracking the surface eventually for him to breath the fresh air. But, still some pieces are definitely lost 'cause the sentience swallowed him all.

By Sahil Dhamapurkar

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