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Updated: Feb 16

By Tanushi Singh

I care about you

but I care about me too

l'd easily drown in loving you

but now I shield before

I begin to lose myself in

trying to be with you.

I can not go back to the old

I can not give till I feel

depleted and worn

A jolt hits hard

whilst I stand perplexed

not knowing how to be

anything other than

broken and utterly torn.

Stuck between living

and loving is the worst

burden to ever bore.

And one day l'd left

you were left forlorn.

I've changed now and though

my heart still cares about you

I don't have it in me to love you

like before.

You want us again.

I can try to be with you again.

But let me be else lll set myself free.

Whether you forgive or not

today I carry no guilt for not being

who I used to be with you.

By Tanushi Singh

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