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Colors Of Life

By Nishika Tyagi

I want you to remember how my face looked

and showed all my thoughts in my heart

when we walked on the fall’s orange leaves

no sound just rustles of our footsteps

both too shy to form words,

moving closer while forward

hands touching every now and then

I was red for you my first man.

Remember my face from when,

our hangout place wore the snow like a blanket

yet it was warm from our embrace

you took me as your lady from the day till end of time

in good and worse made promise of faiths and to be mine

I was yellow from the merry.

Remember my face from now,

as I lay low the breathings delayed,

we made it till here beyond the grave

sunflower in one, champagne in other hand

both my favourite things, my ugly old man.

two glasses? But death has some restriction

now wipe the tear, kiss me one last time

and I am blue from our goodbye.

Saying goodbye to love may be the hardest thing our souls can do

By Nishika Tyagi

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