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Cleanliness Equals Godliness

By Juno Felecia M

There is a beauty in the dying,

The dead.

The place where you lay

Shows how beloved you truly are.

I walk past your grave each morning

The place that you lay in

The street corner by the trashcan

Truly a befitting portrayal of your existence.

A decayed soul

In a rotting body.

You seem to huddle,

Feeling your way through the trash

And when I notice a sparkle in your eyes

I realize you have found your treasure.

A small bottle of cheap alcohol

And I wonder

Where would you lay?

When you cease to breathe.

When that shallow breathes are erased

And you close your eyes,

Would you be missed?

Would someone notice you gone?

A kindred soul misunderstood,

Is that you?

That night when I walk past you,

I see a wobbling smile

With yellow teeth and soul-less eyes

And I believe I shall try

To help.

So, I bend forward

And ask you to walk with me

A promise of a warm meal

And a bottle of cheap rum

That is all it takes

In the alley during the moonless night

I rid the world of a living corpse

You know what is said,

“It is best to dispose of the garbage in the trashcan.”

By Juno Felecia M

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