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By Shivani bane

It was cold breezy midnight.Moon was way extra brighter and stars sparkled a little extra brighter that night.As they were togetherly witnessing the most happy soul.

I was totally in sugary sleep

And I heard a pup cry.It interrupted my sleep.So Me and my brother without making noise opened the front main door of our house.We saw a brown coloured pup.She had a lot skin infection on her body.Thin, very thin fur.But all of this got blur when we noticed her eyes….those eyes!Her sparkling courageous happy eyes.They were describing both her struggle and her happy go lucky nature.she was the happiest soul I had seen in my life.

I heard noise of pup from terrace of our house and this brown pup was making noise here in front of we climbed upstairs and saw there was another brown coloured male pup but this pup had spine injury,so the female pup was apparently trying to protect him.They were family..we understood so we left them alone with some food and blankets outside and shut the door.But this was quite interesting to see how dogs also have family relations like us!

On very next day we again saw her.In front of temple.We have a temple in front of our house and It only opens during two times in afternoon and at night only for arati and pooja.So the door of temple was closed but there was small space between the grills were a small pup can easily go inside.Again that brother pup was in trouble and her sister pup was barking her heart out to help him.Her bark was so assertive that the people called the temple pandit and opened the door and rescued her brother.She and her fierce nature made it possible again.Once again she left me speechless with her courage.Dogs have that unconditional kind of love which will not equal to anything in this world and she was proving that again and again.

We live in society where we grown up hearing good deed stories but find it hard to implement.Where people glorify crime rates than helping souls.People find very difficult to help animals.May be It is very difficult for them to understand that animals are part of our nature and we have to protect them.That brown pup was not only surviving alone but also protecting her baby brother pup with their mother.But people find it difficult to make their lives easy so they throws stones at them for sitting in front of their houses.It was everyday struggle for that dog family merely for their survival.They not only had food issue but also shelter issue plus street dogs attack.

We witnessed their struggle so started helping them with food and shelter.We named that female pup as 'chutaki'.We ourselves have dog at home his name is Bruno so it was difficult to adopt Chutaki with her family.and on the other hand Bruno felt very jealous of Chutaki as she was continuously roaming around us.when ever street dogs attacked her mother she quickly came upstairs and bark at us for help she was so sure that we will help her.We were actually witnessing the different parts of dog nature as same as us.Jealousy, protection, love, strength,trust so much more than we thought they have.

Every night she follow us when we were going for walk with Bruno.Soon people in society also started helping that pup family.Everyone started calling her Chutaki.This was very unexpected change in our society.They started talking about how dogs suffer.This was very unusual.Days passed and one day we got news that her brother pup died.Everything is not happily ever after as they say.But on the other hand we were witnessing change in human behaviour towards animals and that was the fastest form of the change.

Now we focused on her skin Infection and gave her proper medication and soon she recoverd. Her hair follicles started protruding again and now she became healthier than the day we first met her.Soon one Adult male dog joined them as a family member to them and they started living together Chutaki,her mother and that male dog as her father.That male dog everyday protects her from other street dogs.Now Chutaki didn't require us to help and that was the best thing.She was Glue to their cohesive family that binds them together.They three Every night play on road,roam around.It was very pleasant to see them everyday.

But one day,Chutaki came home like the initial days.But this time she enterd house,she was seeming very sick and weak.She was lying on the stairs and we left her do to so.On very next day she wasn't there.At 5 o'clock we got news that she died,she ate a lizard and she died.It broked our heart.we were devastated after that news.Her body was on the mud with froath coming out of her mouth.This was most heartbreaking thing we had witnessed ever. Soon, Chutaki's mother and father left society and they never returned..

Till today we haven't seen them.But she single handedly taught us something that maybe no one can teach and it was a lesson for lifetime.

Change isn't something big or small,change is change.It doesn't matter how small it may be at start but it will surely change the situation.

Still it is possible to bring change in society and in people's perspective towards helping animals. Chutaki herself has done nothing but she was fiercely herself throughout her journey. Which inspired us to be ourselves in very strenuous situations.Every single living object holds some important role in nature. Chutaki had done her part courageously. I hope one day everyone will find their kind of Chutaki and will get to experience the power of transformation in one small soul.

By Shivani bane

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