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By Megha Somani

To the days when the earthy scent of soil after rain felt like perfume in our veins.

To the blissful era when coins felt like dollars and our innocence made us feel like scholars.

To the generation when aspirations were tiny, but we were still shiny.

To the times when a Walkman would help us walk down the lane of happiness and having it in our pocket made us a smart man.

To the moments when we fought for the remote with our siblings and still didn't get regret feelings.

To the epoch, when birthdays felt like no other days.

When playing cricket on the streets, breaking neighbors' windows and scoring a century gave us glory.

To the alluring phase when we had nothing but still had everything. From watching our favorite cartoons to playing Super Mario, from getting pocket money from dad to not finishing our homework and mom getting mad.

Indeed, the most cherished phase of life – childhood !

By Megha Somani

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