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But You Are

By Arham Fulfagar

I hate being in love

and the heart-wrenching pain that comes along with it

I don't wanna be

thinking about them

with every breath I take

every song I play on my guitar

everytime it rains

I don't wanna be screaming

at every star in the universe

at every cloud in the sky

for every second that

we're not together

not looking at each other in the eye

I don't wanna be


when I tell my friends about this girl i met last night

I don't wanna be smiling

like a hopeless romantic

I don't wanna be crying

for the distance between us

makes me feel like I wanna fucking die

I just wanna be


not in love

not in anything

but just then

she walks into my life

and it's so easy for her

to make me feel like i wanna be

in love

like what the fuck?

but I don't

No I don't

I don't wanna spend my nights

hugging my pillow

and thinking about all the memories

that wake me up

and then make me laugh

in the middle of the fucking night

you have no idea

what I'd give

to not feel what I feel

but I feel it

I feel all of it

I get excited

when I tell my friends about you

I smile like an idiot

cry like a baby

I do all of the things

that I thought i could never do


I think about tomorrow

and the day after

and the day after

with your hands in mine

and stars above us

I hate you being on my mind

but you are

but you are

but you are

By Arham Fulfagar

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